About Amy

Hi, I’m Amy. I’ve been antiquing and wandering through flea markets since I was a kid, moving a lot and always adding to my collection along the way. (It’s quite a lot!) Books are my passion, especially the ones that are well-worn and filled with maps and illustrations by forgotten artists. I love the feel of the old paper in my hands, and the scent of the books, I become connected with a different time, and to all those who have opened their bindings before me, in wonder. 

Here I showcase some of my favorite finds and offer a little history on some of the lesser known and under-appreciated artists and art forms. I’ve accumulated quite a collection and I love sharing and seeing the things I see beauty in find new homes – especially when the images can be repurposed and shared more widely through digital art or crafts. To that end, many of the images on this blog are for sale in my Etsy shop as digital downloads, and many are free, Just click on an image and you will be directed to a free download or to the listing for that image in my shop. (they’re cheap!) I also sell the original prints, postcards, and book pages in my other Etsy shop.

If you know something interesting or special about any of these images please let me know. We can learn together.

I hope you enjoy all these beautiful old illustrations and prints as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!

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2 Responses to About Amy

  1. Daisy says:

    Hi there! Are your digital downloads able to be included in products/art/designs and resold for profit? For instance, a piece of one of your downloads altered/recolored/painted on and made into greeting cards?

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