Chinese Papercuts

A lot of cultures have some form of paper cutting as an art form. Mexico has papel picado, Japan has kirie, and India has sanjhi. But only one form so far has made it on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and that is jianzhi of China. The Chinese have been cutting paper to make art since the 6th century A.D. The patterns are mostly auspicious symbols, and an entrance decorated with one is supposed to bring good luck.   Be sure to read the description that came with these. The Chinese may have perfected an art form, but they have a long way to go in translating!

chinese paper cuts chinese paper cuts chinese paper cuts chinese paper cuts chinese paper cutspapercutspapercuts22For some modern paper cut artists Design Sponge has a list of 25 Amazing Papercut Artists . But don’t forget Matisse, Kara Walker, Beatrice Coron, and even Banksy, a favorite of mine, who cut his own stencils to make graffiti art.

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I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. My usual interests are cooking, wine, horticulture, art, and old books, but lately I've been obsessed with saving for a piece of land, so I can practice sustainability and learn to live as close to the land as possible, and then help others to do the same. To relax I listen to Dharma talks. Namaste!
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