Flying Carpets and Magic Lanterns…..Exotic Arabia

No genies in the bottle here, but almost!  These photographs were taken in the 1930’s for a series of books titled Lands and Peoples. They show a romantic, idealized version of the land and people.  arabia_1 arabia_2 arabia_3 arabia_4 arabia_5arabia_6arabia_7arabia8arabia-9arabia10arabia11arabia12These images are available in my Etsy shop.

About redbudart

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. My usual interests are cooking, wine, horticulture, art, and old books, but lately I've been obsessed with saving for a piece of land, so I can practice sustainability and learn to live as close to the land as possible, and then help others to do the same. To relax I listen to Dharma talks. Namaste!
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