Das Grosse Kneippbuch

I judged from the cover that this was going to be a good book, but would there be beautiful images inside?   book_cover I’m a sucker for skulls and skeletons, so when I saw these in the book I knew it was a keeper. das grosse kneippbuchdas grosse kneippbuchI don’t know the German language, not many words at all except Knoblauch means garlic, because that was a family name. I tried to find something about this book, and all I could find in English was that it is a ‘handbook of nature-friendly way of life and salvation’. Granted, I didn’t look that hard, with spring here and a garden to tend to. I do know that Germany is big on homeopathy and plants as medicine, and the twenty botanical plates in this book prove that it goes way back.  Here are three of them:

das grosse kneippbuchdas grosse kneippbuchdas grosse kneippbuchPlants weren’t a cure-all. You needed exercise too. Here are just a few of the recommended

body movements:

das grosse kneippbuchIn the beginning of the book are five plates of the human’s internal structure. Here are two of them:

das grosse kneippbuchdas grosse kneippbuchAnd last but not least the man Kneipp himself from an engraving in the book.

das grosse kneippbuchThis book is from 1903. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside. If anyone want to enlighten me on this book, I’d be grateful. Lastly, here is the title page.


About redbudart

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. My usual interests are cooking, wine, horticulture, art, and old books, but lately I've been obsessed with saving for a piece of land, so I can practice sustainability and learn to live as close to the land as possible, and then help others to do the same. To relax I listen to Dharma talks. Namaste!
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