Old British Farm Animal Breeds

I found these old black and white farm animal illustrations in the 9th edition (1875-1889) of the Encyclopedia Britannica. This thirty volume set, of which I was able to buy 27 volumes, was printed by The Werner Company in Akron, Ohio, in 1904. It includes the New American Supplement, with articles written by American authors, replacing articles on similar subjects written by different authors for the English edition. There are some beautiful maps of American cities in this edition, which I posted on a blog here.

But these farm animals are British through and through. Most say ‘bred and the property of’ then the man and the town. The Romney Marsh Breed, ewe in her second fleece, was bred by Mr. Bishop of Losenham House in Kent.  Many have a signature, J. Stewart, W. Forrest, or both.

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I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. My passions are cuisine, wine, horticulture, art, and vintage things, especially old books. I moved here in 2014, work a day job in finance, and spend the rest of my time working on my dream of living off the land, and teaching young people how to as well. Stop by my Etsy shops, where all proceeds are going towards the goal. Thank you and Namaste!
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